Great Things Come in Small Packages

Learn more about our small-home construction services in Bulverde, TX

Not every car needs to be a gas-guzzling SUV, and not every home has to be a mansion. Are you searching for beauty and functionality in a smaller form? Turn to VM General Inc. for small-home construction services in Bulverde, TX. Our small-home designs are just the right size for you and your family.

Small-home floorplans typically range from 800 to 1700 square feet. That's about the size of a large apartment or condo. You can choose from premade home floorplans or start from scratch with custom designs.

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Not a single foot wasted

If you're unsure if a small home is right for you, our team is happy to help you decide. There are plenty of incredible benefits to a downsized space, including:

  • Extreme energy efficiency
  • Less cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Reduced clutter
  • Lower cost of living

Smaller homes also allow for more freedom to choose the location that you truly want. If you'd like to learn more, contact us today. We'll gladly give you a free estimate.